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Little By Little...

"Cafe Bon," she stammered. From the first time Madame Claire handed me a cup in 2011, I knew I wanted more; but it was more than just another cup. I wanted everyone that I knew to taste this amazing cup of coffee. Although it was new to me, coffee in Haiti has a rich and complex history. Did you know that Haiti used to be one of the global leaders in coffee production? 

My dream didn't come immediately -  work, grad school, and the beginning of a career in ministry filled my days, but Haitian coffee was never far from my mind. 

Although great work happens from faith-based ministries and non-profit organizations, it has been my experience that in many situations, the driving force behind progress and success are ethical business opportunities. A farmer making a decent living wage can make better decisions for their life and their situation than anybody else can. It is our goal at Beyond Mountains Coffee, and our partner organizations, to do just that. 

Ultimately, it was time to put connections into practice; to put a dream into reality. This is just the beginning of a story that has yet to unfold. As they say in Haiti, "little by little the bird builds its nest." Thank you to all who have been a part of the story so far and those who are coming into it along the way. 

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Never Far Behind, Always By My Side

-Wylie, the black dog

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